Brand Guidelines

We provide the following brand guidelines to make it easy for you to use the D7 logo, whether you are showcasing your use of D7 products or representing us in news articles and blog posts.

Please follow these guidelines to ensure that the D7 brand is consistent, recognizable, and always looks great! If you would like to use our logo in any format not covered by these guidelines, please contact

D7’s Brand Identity

D7’s logo can function alone or with the additional division or sub-brand name on the right side or below the icon.


To ensure legibility, the D7 logo height should never be smaller than 40px in digital and 0.556in in print.

Logo Vector 3D

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Logo Vector Flat

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Logo Web Pngs

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This is D7’s main brand color palette

Royal Blue

RGB: 70, 122, 188
CMYK: 76,84,1,0
Pantone 660 C

Pure Orange

RGB: 248,154,28
CMYK: 0, 46, 100, 0
Pantone 1375 C

Eco Green

RGB: 0,214,124
CMYK: 69,0,73,0
Pantone 346 C

Light Gray

RGB: 204,204,204
CMYK: 19,15,16,0
Pantone Cool Gray


Proxima Nova

For use in titles, focal text, headers, and navigation.


For use for general content.